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Dear Friend in Christ,
I greatly appreciate your kind interest for this site and the Christian ministries in Croatia in general!
My name is Vlado Hoblaj and I'm excited to use the opportunity to give you the overview of what the Lord is doing in my life and my country. This site has a very personal perspective and serves primarily to present you all the ministries I am personally involved, including my family and my church. And though I was even initiating the number of the presented ministries, they will be impossible without many of my dear ministry partners of which I'll be happy to present at least some as well. I believe that the Lord gave me the gift and calling of pioneering and networking for His Kingdom in Croatia. That's why I felt being beneficial to create the site to put all ministry branches I'm involved in more understandable context. I pray that you will be truly blessed by surfing through this site!
You may notice by occasional grammatical errors that English is not my native language, but I promise to do my best in keep on improving and updating the site. I'll appreciate any of your comments, suggestions and especially any further question you may have. You may write me on vlado.hoblaj@gmail.com.
Please, pray for me, my family, my ministry partners and my country!
Join us in any way you can!
Sincerely yours,
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